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Little's House ~ "Growing a Garden" 12" Vinyl [PRE-ORDER]

Little's House ~ "Growing a Garden" 12" Vinyl [PRE-ORDER]

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Quiet, unassuming comfort is a difficult thing to cultivate, even over the course of fifteen songs. Seth Little, however, has long been tending that patch. Growing a Garden, the debut record from Little’s House following the project’s name change from Hello, I’m Sorry, finds Little in a fairly similar place as 2021’s Buddy. Looking backwards becomes a lens for growth – each memory not a hiding place, but rather a bag of fertilizer for the seeds of one’s own progress. Warbling through each track, the melancholy saplings of love and joy emerge through the concrete of stagnation. Growing a garden takes work, commitment, affection. To devote yourself to other life is to allow change into your own. Shrouded in warm, folk-inclined aura, Seth Little demonstrates that devotion. 

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